Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 6)

01 Narrative
02 Ticket To Ride
03 Narrative
04 Yes It Is
05 Narrative
06 Help!
07 Narrative
08 I'm Down
09 Narrative
10 The Night Before
11 Narrative
12 You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
13 Narrative
14 I Need You
15 Narrative
16 Another Girl
17 Narrative
18 You're Going To Lose That Girl
19 Narrative
20 Act Naturally
21 Narrative
22 It's Only Love
23 Narrative
24 You Like Me Too Much
25 Narrative/Tell Me What You See
26 Narrative
27 I've Just Seen A Face
28 Narrative
29 Yesterday
30 Narrative
31 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
32 Narrative

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 5)

01 Narrative
02 A Hard Day's Night (Peter Sellers)
03 Narrative
04 I Feel Fine
05 Narrative
06 She's A Woman
07 Narrative
08 No Reply
09 Narrative
10 I'm A Loser
11 Narrative
12 Baby's In Black
13 Narrative
14 Rock And Roll Music
15 Narrative
16 I'll Follow The Sun
17 Narrative
18 Mr Moonlight
19 Narrative
20 Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey
21 Narrative
22 Eight Days A Week
23 Narrative
24 Words Of Love
25 Narrative
26 Honey Don't
27 Narrative
28 Every Little Thing
29 Narrative
30 I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
31 Narrative/What You're Doing
32 Narrative
33 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
34 Narrative
35 Nobody I Know (Peter And Gordon)
36 Narrative
37 1964 Christmas Message
38 Narrative

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 4)

01 Narrative
02 Can't Buy Me Love
03 Narrative
04 You Can't Do That
05 Narrative
06 A World Without Love (Peter And Gordon)
07 Narrative
08 Long Tall Sally
09 Narrative
10 I Call Your Name
11 Narrative
12 Slow Down
13 Narrative
14 Matchbox
15 Narrative
16 A Hard Day's Night
17 Narrative
18 I Should Have Known Better
19 Narrative
20 If I Fell
21 Narrative/I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
22 Narrative
23 And I Love Her
24 Narrative/Tell Me Why
25 Narrative
26 Any Time At All
27 Narrative
28 I'll Cry Instead
29 Narrative
30 Things We Said Today
31 Narrative
32 When I Get Home
33 Narrative
34 I'll Be Back
35 Narrative

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 3)


01 Narrative
02 It Won't Be Long
03 Narrative
04 All I've Got To Do
05 Narrative
06 All My Loving
07 Narrative
08 Don't Bother Me
09 Narrative
10 Little Child
11 Narrative
12 Till There Was You
13 Narrative
14 Please Mister Postman
15 Narrative
16 Roll Over Beethoven
17 Narrative
18 Hold Me Tight
19 Narrative
20 You Really Got A Hold On Me
21 Narrative
22 I Wanna Be Your Man
23 Narrative
24 I Wanna Be Your Man (The Rolling Stones)
25 Narrative
26 Devil In Her Heart
27 Narrative
28 Not A Second Time
29 Narrative
30 Money (That's What I Want)
31 Narrative
32 I Want To Hold Your Hand
33 Narrative
34 This Boy
35 Narrative
36 1963 Christmas Message
37 Narrative
38 Sie Liebt Dich
39 Narrative
40 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand
41 Narrative

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 2)


01 Narrative
02 How Do You Do It
03 Narrative
04 Please Please Me
05 Narrative
06 Ask Me Why
07 Narrative
08 How Do You Do It (Gerry & The Pacemakers)
09 Narrative
10 I Saw Her Standing There
11 Narrative
12 Misery
13 Narrative
14 Anna
15 Narrative
16 Chains
17 Narrative
18 Boys
19 Narrative
20 Love Me Do
21 Narrative
22 Baby It's You
23 Narrative
24 Do You Want To Know A Secret
25 Narrative
26 A Taste Of Honey
27 Narrative
28 There's A Place
29 Narrative
30 Twist And Shout
31 Narrative
32 From Me To You
33 NarrativeThank You Girl
34 Narrative
35 She Loves You
36 Narrative
37 I'll Get You

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beatles - The Days In Their Life (Volume 1)

From the volume 1 liner notes:

"The Beatles- The Days In Their Life" - the remastered version. This twenty-one volume set contains the entire Days In Their Life program as it was originally broadcast in the early Eighties. The Days In Their Life was originally pressed onto thirty vinyl LP records. It was these vinyl LPs that radio stations used as a source for their broadcasts. The collection presented here is sourced from one of these original broadcast vinyl LP sets.

The LP set used for this remastered series is from the personal archives of Ira Lipson, the narrator of this extensive program. This particular series is made possible through his generosity, and trust. His support is sincerely appreciated.

This remastered version has attempted to upgrade the listening experience by replacing almost all of the music tracks with high quality audio from sources such as Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, DCC Compact Classics and Dr. Ebbetts Sound Systems.

All of this has been done while maintaining the integrity of the original broadcast. No material has been added and no part of the original program has been removed. The result is a listening experience superior to what was possible during the original broadcast.

"A splendid time is guaranteed for all."

Track list
  1. Program Intro
  2. Narrative
  3. Narrative
  4. Narrative
  5. Cry For A Shadow
  6. Narrative
  7. Ain't She Sweet
  8. Narrative
  9. My Bonnie
  10. Narrative
  11. Take Good Care Of My Baby
  12. Narrative
  13. Hello Little Girl
  14. Narrative
  15. Narrative
  16. Love Me Do
  17. Narrative
  18. P.S. I Love You
  19. Narrative

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hipsway (1986)

Hipsway - Hipsway (1986)

Hipsway were a Scottish pop/rock band whose style has been described as 'white soul/funk'.

The band were formed in Glasgow in 1984 by ex-Altered Images guitarist Johnny McElhone on bass, and featuring Grahame Skinner (vocals), Pim Jones (guitar) and Harry Travers (drums). Their music was characterized by Skinner's deep vocals and Jones' tight guitar playing. They were quickly signed up by Mercury Records and by 1985 had released their first, eponymously-titled album. The album was a moderate success in the UK Albums Chart; while the single, "Honeythief", made number 17 in the UK Singles Chart, and also reached the Top 20 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Another song from the album, "Tinder", became well-known in Scotland as the soundtrack to a McEwan's Lager commercial.

However the band failed to build on its success; McElhone left to found Texas, and by the time the second album Scratch the Surface was recorded, Travers had also left (to be replaced by Stephen Ferrera). Released in 1989, the album was not as critically or commercially successful as its predecessor, and the band split up shortly afterwards.

Skinner and Jones subsequently went on to found the band Witness before Skinner joined former members of Glasgow peers Love and Money in the band Cowboymouth.

Johnny McElhone - Bass
Grahame Skinner - Vocals
Pim Jones - Guitar
Harry Travers - Drums

1. The Honeythief
2. Ask The Lord
3. Bad Thing Longing
4. Upon A Thread
5. Long White Car
6. The Broken Years
7. Tinder
8. Forbidden
9. Set This Day Apart
10. The Honeythief (Galus Mix)
11. Ask The Lord (Extended Version)
12. The Broken Years (Extended Version)

Mercury Records 1986

Genesis - New Links

New links for "The Musical Box" (1975)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Style Council - The Cost of Loving (1987)

From Wikipedia []

The Cost Of Loving is an album from the band The Style Council, released in 1987. This album saw the group concentrating on the R&B styles that had been growing in America during the eighties. Its urban contemporary feel was a jolt to listeners who had grown accustomed to the Continental mix of soul, jazz, and European folk styles that the Council had displayed on their previous two albums. United States label Geffen Records heard the tracks and promptly dropped The Style Council from their roster. Polygram records would eventually issue the album Stateside without its much-maligned International Orange jacket design. Socially Conscious Soul Music pioneer Curtis Mayfield was asked to mix some of the material on the album, which displays hints of being influenced by House Music and the Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis sound. The initial British pressings of the album were conceived and issued as two 12" EPs in a gatefold sleeve (designed by Simon Halfon with ideas from Weller). Tracks from the album were included in a 37 minute film, Jerusalem, about the band.

1. "It Didn't Matter"
2. "Right to Go"
3. "Heavens Above"
4. "Fairy Tales"
5. "Angel"
6. "Walking the Night"
7. "Waiting"
8. "The Cost of Loving"
9. "A Woman's Song"

Paul Weller - Vocals
Dee C. Lee - Vocals
Mick Talbot - Keyboard
Steve White - Drums

Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday, November 16

Some words of introduction.

This blog is dedicated to share some of my favorite music ... it is mostly rock from the 60's to today: classic, blues rock, folk rock, progressive rock, psychedelic music, etc. It is hard for me to label rock music in terms genres, so don't expect a very tight policy in terms of what types of music is posted ... it's just the stuff I like ... and in most part found in cyberspace.


All MP3's are up for a limited time and are for sampling purposes only, you must legally delete all tracks after 24 hours or so. And if you like the music and it's available in your town or country we encourage you buy it . Please support the artists and buy their work.

Genesis -Musical Box (bootleg)

This album gives the name to the blogsite ... Enjoy it!!


1. The Musical Box: 12'39''
2. The Knife: 9'13''
3. In The Cage: 6'47''
4. Hairless Heart: 6'28''
5. Carpet Crawl: 5'36''
6. The Waiting Room: 8'50''
7. Anyway: 3'27''

New Keruac Line #1027, Italy

Ripped by WG

There's not much information about this particular bootleg, all I got is this:

Musical Box
label: New Kerouac Line -- NKL 1027
dates: unknown; *15 April 1975
venues: unknown; *Empire Pool
locations: unknown; *London, England, UK

Link to tracks and cover art in comments.